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OMHEC Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of the Offshore Mechanical Handling Equipment Committee (OMHEC).

OMHEC is the data controller. However, certain secretariat services for OMHEC are provided by IMCA, which is a data processor on behalf of OMHEC.  Its privacy policy, available at (which sets out details on legal entities/contacts, your rights and privacy, our responsibilities, data collected, protection and processing by third parties), therefore applies in addition to the OMHEC privacy policy.

In particular, we draw your attention to the data collected (item 4 of the IMCA policy):
  • Services for external organisations – IMCA provides secretariat services to the organisations listed below. For the purposes of data protection, each listed organisation is the data controller, while IMCA processes data on their behalf. The separate privacy policies of each organisation make reference to the IMCA privacy policy. The ‘other business records’ point below applies equally to these organisations in respect of records of business activity and communications.​
–    Offshore Mechanical Handling Equipment Committee (OMHEC) – OMHEC holds professional contact details for its members, which are published on its website at  All OMHEC-related data is available to OMHEC members via a secure intranet.
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